xRhodium is a crypto digital asset which is the native settlement layer for Free Market One.

xRhodium has extreme scarcity with only 2.1 million XRC ever made.

About xRhodium

xRhodium [XRC] is a new crypto commodity, rare, limited and resistant cryptocurrency to store value for the future, it is not a fork of Bitcoin. XRC uses its unique blockchain with total supply of 2.1 million XRC. It is programmed in C# language and is POW only. Devs are honestly and steadily developing xRhodium’s Unique solutions for investors for the long-term.


X11’s chained hashing algorithm combines a sequence of eleven hash functions for the proof-of-work (Blake, BMW, Groestl, JH, Keccak, Skein, Luffa, Cubehash, Shavite, Simd, Echo). X11’s main advantages include - Performance, Security, Lower energy costs.

Proof-Of-Work (PoW) XRC DigiShield

DigiShield re-targets a coin’s difficulty to protect against multi-pools and an over-inflation of easily mined new coins. DigiShield was created to account for such wild fluctuations, so that the blockchain doesn't "freeze" when a large exodus of hash power occurs.


FreeMarketOne (FM1) is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace. An open-source, Tor-based trading platform driven by xRhodium (XRC) built around individuals’ agency and privacy.

White paper

Have a read of the official xRhodium Whitepaper. Permission to use this material for PR purposes is granted.

Unique solutions for investors


FreeMarketOne (FM1) is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace. An open-source, Tor-based trading platform driven by xRhodium (XRC) built around individuals’ agency and privacy.

BTC + LTC + XRC = The Crypto Trinity

xRhodium with its use case fills the gap in the crypto market and together with BTC and LTC forms an efficient ecosystem, the Crypto Trinity, that fulfils needs of most investors.

Honest and simple reward program for investors

Earn XRC by holding XRC. Strong Hands and exit-aversion; two qualities that set XRC investors apart from the rest. Build your stack through a free participation in the Strong Hands Programme.


xRhodium ticker is XRC.


HitBTC is an intuitive and reliable exchange, allowing users to trade some of cryptocurrency’s most popular assets.


FatBTC is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, which accepts local bank transfers.

Wrapped xRhodium WXRC

Wrapped xRhodium WXRC delivers the power of xRhodium XRC with the flexibility of an BEP20 token.
Wrapped xRhodium WXRC is the BEP20 token backed 1:1 with xRhodium.
Completely transparent. 100% verifiable. Community led.

Wrapped xRhodium (wXRC) Token Tracker | BscScan
Wrapped xRhodium (wXRC) Token Tracker | BscScan

Token Tracker shows the price of the Token, total supply, number of holders and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data.

PancakeSwap Exchange

PancakeSwap - A next evolution DeFi exchange on BNB Smart Chain

Wrapping Services
Wrapping Services for XRC

Wrapping Services - wrap your XRC or visa-versa.

Wrapped XRC programme
Wrapped XRC programme

Wrapped XRC programme - reward programme for initial investors.

2.1 mil
Total supply
POW DigiShield
Block size

Technical specifications

2.1 million XRC
X11 POW DigiShield
C# open source code
Block Interval target 10 Minutes
Block Size 4 MB
Difficulty adjustment every 2016 blocks


50% mineable (1 050 000 XRC)
28% airdropped (582 857 XRC)
12% in 8 years investment (257 143 XRC)
5% premined for PR (105 000 XRC)
5% premined for dev (105 000 XRC)


xRhodium will join one of the following anonymity spaces: CoinJoin, Confidential Transactions or MimbleWimble.

Total coins in circulation

~ 1 206 909 XRC from 2 100 000 XRC

Core Team

xRhodium is community driven coin. Here is the map of our core decentralized community members.

xRhodium Core Team

Price Chart

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